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North-East India is one of the most intriguing spots of India and of the world, situated at the northeastern area of India, and comprising of 7 states, called all in all as 'the seven sisters'. A significant part of the region has been left unexplored till date, inferable from the areas considerable landscape comprising of mountains, slopes, rainforests, waterway, wildernesses and hunters, and lack of framework. The little measured locale has one of the most elevated biodiversity thickness discovered anyplace on the planet.
NewsNER is an online news gateway. Driven by a gathering of experts, the computerized news stage covers every last bit of the eight conditions of northeast India and the whole country. It is the first of its sort new media activity in the northeast and is situated in Guwahati. As the political elements in the northeast are multifaceted and liquid, NewsNER is in every case politicallynonpartisan.