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Manipur News : Woman suspected to be affected by Coronavirus

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A Manipuri woman has been found infected with symptoms of coronavirus.

According to media reports, the woman recently visited a South-East Asian country, and upon returning, she started feeling uneasy. She now has been kept under observation by the officials of State Health Services at her residence.

It has been reported that the woman in her 30s came back to Imphal from the foreign country on January 20.

Reports said symptoms, ‘similar’ to those affected by the coronavirus, have been detected in the woman.

The report quoted a health official as saying that the woman had a mild fever and running nose since Monday.

The official informed that the woman was being treated at her own residence in the Imphal West district.

He, however, said nothing has been confirmed so far.

Updated by: News Sources 2020-01-30 1:19 PM