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Meghalaya Man : Man rapes, marries and abandones a minor after 4 months

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An FIR was filed against a rapist charged with marrying the 17-year-old survivor and then leaving the bride in the plain belt of Garo Hills after four months. The victim's family contacted the police and demanded the accused's arrest— Dildar Ataullah Reza.

Reza allegedly raped the woman about 5 months ago in her house when her mother went to her relatives. He then coaxed the girl into a marriage, solemnizing the marriage in the month of August 2019 through a court affidavit. It was only after the victim was left by the man when the family moved the police on the issue. The FIR was filed on Dec 11 in the case.

However, the family alleged that the accused was politically well placed due to which even the village elders could not move against him. The perpetrator is a girl's landlord, barred into the victim's house and sexually assaulted her, according to the FIR. When the matter became known, on the excuse of the social stigma attached to rape, he coaxed the girl into marriage.

“He continued to rape her over the next 4 months in various places and we only came to know of her abandonment when she tried to take her life. We informed the elders but they too did not act against the accused. We therefore filed a complaint with the police,” said the mother of the victim.

The mother added that the accused now told the teen that he was going to sing her with acid. Reza was also charged with threatening the 17-year-old's career. At the moment, the perpetrator, Reza is on the run with a special team set up to apprehend him. The mother charged the defendant with coercion, life assault, conspiracy, abetment, and contempt for the Court's order (marriage affidavit).

“The case has been registered and all legal formalities completed. All efforts are being made to nab the accused,” confirmed the superintendent of police, West Garo Hills, Dr MGR Kumar.   

Updated by: News Sources 2019-12-23 5:10 PM