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Assam Police to introduce mobile app for women in distress

, 2019-06-24 6:29 PM
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The developers of ‘Himmat’ are at work building this app to equip Assam Police in helping women in distress better

The Assam police are taking a digital step towards women safety in the state. It is a free mobile application that is in the making, the SOS alert of which can be raised for police to react within a short duration.

As per a report by The Assam Tribune, this app is being developed by the same experts who gave Delhi Police ‘Himmat’, a mobile application as part of which a QR (quick response) database for all private cabs would be created.

Assam Police told The Assam Tribune, “As soon as an alarm is raised, the information will be transmitted to the police control room and subsequently, to the nearest patrol party or the police station to respond. We are sure the new app will improve the response time of the law enforcers and help in preventing crimes against women to a great extent.”

It is worth a mention that Assam registered 12,750 cases of crime against women in the year 2017-18. This includes 1,751 cases of the alleged rape, and murder, and 10,460 dowry crimes.


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