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Manipur | 33-yr-old Model to pay Rs 70 lakh to a man’s legal wife

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In an incident, the Manipur court had ordered a well-known model Yambem Puni to pay Rs. 70 lakh as compensation to the legal wife of a man whom she has been in a live-in relationship.

The couple has been identified as Dr. Ranjita Achom, the wife and Dr. Konsam Shyamsunder the husband.

The court has directed the women to pay a monetary compensation of Rs.10 lakh for “causing loss of consortium, nervous shock and also for causing mental distress”.

Another Rs.10 lakh for “lowering the reputation of the legal wife” in the eyes of the society, and monetary compensation of Rs.50 lakh for “punitive or exemplary damages.”

Dr. Ranjita and Dr. Shyamsunder had been in an affair which culminated in their marriage in 2009. The marriage was registered at the registrar of marriage. The couple has three children.

Dr. Ranjita had moved the court after her knowledge about a 33-year-old model, who had maintained an “illicit” relationship with Dr. Shyamsunder.

The situation had caused her pain and untold distress.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-10-23 4:59 PM