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Assam News : Guwahati Gets the First Ever Happy Fridge

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Feeding India, an NGO, has installed a ' Happy Fridge ' in Guwahati in its bid to ensure no person goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta officially launched the Happy Fridge installed at Deorah Complex in the Gnaeshguri area of the city on Monday.

People can store fresh food in these refrigerators which can then be taken by those in need.

“People who are left with extra food can leave the excess amount in the fridge and anyone in need can immediately and anonymously access this food, with dignity,” said a Feeding India official.

Including food, people are also able to donate clothing for those in need.

Individuals wishing to donate or install such a Happy Fridge may contact Feeding India Guwahati Chapter at 69138 32090 or Sachin Jha, City Head at 78965 95706.

Volunteers and vehicles from the group collect the donated items, or people can leave food directly in the refrigerator, he said.


Updated by: News Sources 2020-01-16 11:53 AM