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Assam News : Meet Jinu Gogoi. the Baby sitter turned champion who took everyone by surprise with her medal in Khelo India

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A baby-sitter in Assam, Jinu Gogoi became a champion at Khelo India Youth Games on January 15 by clinching a bronze in the U-21 girls' pair event at the lawn bowl green. Jinu had just started bowling three months ago after watching her employer, Bima Borah plays the sport at the Sarusajai Complex while taking care of the 10-month-old child. Gogoi managed to master the sport and 90 days later, partnered with Karina Patowary, claimed bronze.

"I used to watch her play every day, and once, just on a whim, I asked her if she would teach me the sport," Gogoi was quoted as saying by Khelo India. Three months from that whimsical lesson to partnering with Karina Patowary, she was adjudged as the second runner up in the Under-21 Girls pair event at the lawn bowl green at the 3rd Khelo India Youth Games 2020 in Guwahati on Wednesday.

Gogoi dedicates medal to father

Gogoi belongs to Charaideo in Upper Assam and her mother works in a tea garden in Sivasagar which is managed by Borah's husband. It was after Borah gave birth to a child when Jinu was employed as a caretaker to help around with the work. The bronze-winner was motivated to take the job as a caretaker was because her father suffers from cancer and it was his treatments that forced her to drop out of her school after tenth grade. 

However, Gogoi got emotional after her victory and dedicated the medal to her father. She has also resolved to utilize her reward from the game into the treatment of her cancer-stricken father. Borah has also acknowledged that she wanted to help Gogoi out of a “tough situation” and said that she sees room for great improvement after more training. 

“When I got her here I was hoping I could get her out of a tough situation and also educate her, and elevate her,” Borah said. “It may be just a bronze, but it has come after just three months of training. I can see her continuing and getting much better very soon.” 

Source -- The Sentinel Assam 

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