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Assam News : Training on film-making to agri varsity students

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A filmmaker based in the U.S. recently taught a group of students at Assam Agricultural University in Jorhat the nitty grittiies of filmmaking.

In the first of its kind workshop called Cinema Vérité, film director Shankar Borua, a PhD in mass communication from Texas Tech University, USA and his team imparted basic documentary and filmmaking skills to a group of enthusiasts and aspiring documentary producers and filmmakers interested in writing, directing and producing movie pictures and documentaries using low-cost digital technology.

Shankar Borua asked the participants to look at the world with a wide-angle lens and craft film narratives that would reflect a sense of social responsibility and empathy on this beautiful planet of ours for all living creatures big and small.

The title of Borua's dissertation is American Political Documentaries: Form, Organization, and Context Communication.

R P Bhuyan, Student's Welfare Director, said that this unique training and educational effort, the first of its kind on the Assam Agricultural University campus, was of great benefit to the 25 participants, including 19 undergraduate students from the College of Community Science and Agriculture and four technical staff from the Krishi Vigyan Kendras of AAU.

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