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Assam News: Onion Price Rises Up To 100 Rupee per Kilo – Assam Plans to Import From Egypt

Assam , 2019-12-05 1:20 PM
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With onion prices in Assam affecting Rs 100 and above per kilogram, the BJP led government plans to import onions from Egypt into the state.

Assam Minister of Food and Civil Devices Phani Bhushan Choudhury said this while speaking to reporters during the Assam Legislative Assembly's ongoing session on Thursday.

“We are planning to import onions from Egypt and this onion will be made available in the market at around Rs 55 per kg,” he said.

The government led by the BJP in Assam has flaked over the rise in prices of basic commodities like onions.


Assam needs an annual onion of about 4.5 lakh MT.

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