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Meghalaya News: Facelifting of the Umkhrah River; how effective is the initiative?

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Okay, what do you think! There's boating now in the river Umkhrah; the river-turned-drained, situated in Shillong's center, is now getting a facelift with government authorities, interested individuals and environmentalists coming forward to clean up the once mighty river.

Eventually, the government took up the challenge with the Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) taking up an initiative to clean up the Umkhrah River; thanks to the funds received from the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority.

The MBDA has earmarked Rs 16 lakh for cleaning up of the Umkhrah River in view of the North East Food Fest which is being held at Polo Ground.

“We could start this initiative in view of funds received from the MBDA. We were keen to restore the past glory of the Umkhrah River. But we could not do so due to non-availability of funds,” Urban Affairs Minister, Hamletson Dohling told reporters here today.

He further said that the SMB was lucky to receive the funds to clean Umkhrah River as it is one of the rivers which has turned into a drainage. “The Government has taken this initiative to attract the visitors of the food fest. We have been able to take up this task with the support of the Deputy Commissioner and Meghalaya Basin Development Authority,” Dohling said.

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