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Mizoram News : UN to help Mizoram fight AIDS

Mizoram , 2020-01-11 1:25 PM
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Mizoram, has been seeking logistical and financial support from the United Nations to fight AIDS— the high incidence of the state's deadly disease, official said.

Health Secretary R. Lalthangliana, who is currently in the US, appealed to international director Regan Hofmann and other officials in the United Nations HIV and AIDS Program (UNAIDS) and informed them of the current Mizoram scenario and the government's efforts to monitor the increasing spread of AIDS in the state.

During his meeting with the UNAIDS officials in Washington DC, Lalthangliana urged them for financial and technical assistance besides logistic support, the sources said.

On their part, UNAIDS officials assured the minister of all possible assistance and told him of their willingness to hold a joint meeting between Mizoram officials and UNAIDS officials to raise awareness of the increasing prevalence of AIDS in Mizoram, sources added.

Lalthangliana met on Tuesday with John Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynaecology and Obstetrics chairman and CEO Leslie D. Mancuso and chief manager of the World Bank Trina Haque over ongoing projects under the two state agencies.

The government has partnered with other groups to fight against the state's deadly diseases.

Programs and workshops for sensitized people on AIDS were organized in various parts of the state. NGOs and churches have also decided that concerted efforts should be made to eradicate the deadly disease.

It has also decided to introduce an AIDS chapter from the new academic session (2020-2021) into the school curriculum.

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