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Northeast News: Northeast battles against drugs menace

Universal , 2019-12-04 12:21 PM
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All eight north-eastern states have raised their sights against the region's growing threat of drug abuse.

Bordering China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, the region has recently become a drug trafficking corridor.

As such, on Tuesday, the law enforcement authorities of the eight north-eastern states decided to step up their efforts to curb the drug threat.

On Tuesday, police chiefs from all the north-eastern states held a meeting in Agartala on this subject.

The day-long meeting was chaired by senior IPS officer Rakesh Asthana, Director-General of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

The meeting was also attended by senior Border Security Force (BSF) leaders, Assam Rifles, Central Reserve Police Force, intelligence agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

It is learned that the meeting decided to intensify coordinated efforts among the north-eastern state law enforcement agencies to curb the threat of substance abuse.

The meeting also decided to share information and intelligence with various security and intelligence agencies on drug smuggling across the border.

Notably, the border between India and Myanmar with Mizoram and Manipur was the main transit route for yaba tablets and other drugs smuggling.

The BJP-led government launched a drug threat crusade in Tripura after coming to power in March last year.

The security agencies comprising state and central para-military forces, along with the district administrations, launched a war against the cultivation, trade and smuggling of drugs, especially cannabis.

Various security agencies have seized huge quantities of numerous drugs valued at around Rs 75 crore in the last 21 months.

The drugs include dry cannabis (ganja), ganja plants, various types of cough syrups that serve as intoxicants, Yaba tablets, brown sugar and heroin.


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