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Meghalaya News: NESO warns of vigorous stir over CAB

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The North East Student Organization (NESO) came down heavily on Wednesday over the Cabinet decision on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on the BJP-led government at the Centre.

The NESO believed the government had imposed the Bill on the northeastern indigenous communities.

NESO chairman Samuel Jyrwa said the central government was aware that the region's citizens were opposed to the CAB and that they were still going ahead to hurt our feelings.

The NESO will meet in one or two days to review the decision of the Cabinet and will agree on our next course of action to prevent the CAB from being passed in Parliament.

The NESO is an umbrella of indigenous student groups across the seven northeastern states and has led demonstrations against the 1955 Citizenship Act reform.

It also warned the central government that the tabling and passage of the controversial bill would drive the Northeast back to the path of agitation and unrest.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-12-05 12:57 PM