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Sikkim: Cloudburst leaves over 100 people homeless

Sikkim , 2019-09-19 12:28 PM
breaking news

The people of Yuksam are undergoing a very difficult situation, many have lost their homes, farms, animals and almost everything due to the cloud burst which happened on September 16 at Tsong village near Hungri Gumpa.

Many families, near about 100 people or more, have been shifted to the relief camp near Yuksam police checkouts. Rescue operation still on.

It may take a year or more to rehabilitate them. Innumerable properties have been lost in the incident. Numerous livestock is swiped away by slides and many others are yet to be rescued.

Almost all the houses are evacuated. Yuksam is also disconnected from the rest of the world since 16th September.

Meanwhile, Hotel Yuksam Residency, Hotel Dragon and other individuals have come forward to provide shelter to the victims of the burst.

The SDM Yuksam, West Sikkim has asked people to contact the district administration for further help.

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