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Farmers Take Out Rally to KHADC For Demanding Tax Relief

Sikkim , 2019-07-10 12:27 PM
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Hundreds of farmers on Monday took out a surprise march to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) after a meeting held by the Hills Farmers Union (HFU) at Khasi National Dorbar Hall, Shillong. The farmers had been demanding the district council to take up their issue with the Hima Mylliem to immediately stop the illegal taxation of their vegetables at Iewduh market.

During the meeting, the farmers had also demanded that the State Government should come up with a law to protect the farmers and the KHADC should cancel the trading licence of those people found to be involved in taxing the vegetables of the farmers.

The guards at KHADC were not prepared for the surprise march. However, they managed to control the crowd who were also seen showing slogans asking the council to take immediate action on their demands.

Later, a few leaders of HFU met KHADC CEM Teinwell Dkhar, EM-in-charge Market Jambor War and other Executive Members of the district council.

After the meeting,  War addressed the farmers gathered outside the compound of the district council assuring them that the demands of the farmers will be taken up by the council at the earliest.

He informed them that a committee of farmers issue at Iewduh sweeper lane has been constituted by the KHADC and Deputy CEM Pyniaid Sing Syiem is the chairman of the committee.

“Soon the committee will sit to discuss this issue and find a solution to the problems encountered by the farmers,” he said.

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