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6 most popular street foods to have when in Gangtok

  by NEWSNER , 2021-08-04 14:19:28

6 most popular street foods to have when in Gangtok


Street food is one of the most savoured forms of food, irrespective of the place. Be it anywhere in the world, it is equally celebrated and enjoyed by not only the denizens but also the tourists. 


We previously published a "6 street foods to relish while in Shillong" guide, which gained a lot of attention and a good deal of engagement. Hence, continuing our street food series, today we have made a 'food' bucket list of the "6 most popular street foods in Gangtok" for all the relish masters out there.


Aloo Chura:


Aloo Chura is one of Gangtok's most well-known street side dishes. People adore its distinct flavour and fun texture, which stems from the creative use of a variety of ingredients. It's a hearty blend of flattened rice, onions, chillies, Nimkis, cornflakes, and fried noodles atop a spicy potato sauce. This was originally a Bihari meal, but Gangtok residents adopted it and dubbed it their own street cuisine. Spicy, sour, salty, and crunchy, this snack has it all.



Sha Phaley:


Another popular street dish in Gangtok is Sha Phaley, which has a distinctive aroma that lingers in the air. It's ideal for meat, bread, and fried foods fans. They're fried bread with beef, cabbage, and onion stuffing in a semi-circle shape.


Butter Tea:


It is a Tibetan tea made with a specific tea brew, milk, butter, and salt, but it can still be found on the streets of Gangtok. This one has a steaming, buttery flavour and is also beneficial to your health during the winter. For a change, if you like tea, you should definitely try this as it has a really unusual but pleasant taste.




Because of its distinctiveness, Lhaphing is a popular street cuisine in Gangtok. Lhaphing literally means "cold noodle," and it is made of mung bean noodles with a slippery texture and served with a red pepper chile, garlic, and soy sauce, as well as certain vegetables such as carrot. It is a summer dish, yet it can be found all year. You can eat it with or without soup.




Tingmos are steamed buns that have been braided. A steamer is usually placed on top of the stew pot when it is being cooked. The shaped buns are placed in the steamer, and the steam from the stew or soup cooks them, giving them a flavorful texture.



Thukpa is a famous meal in Sikkim that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and it is often served with Momos. Thukpa is a well-known and nutritionally balanced Sikkim street snack. It's essentially a mixed veggie noodle soup from Tibet. You can choose between thukpa vegetables and thukpa meat, which includes eggs and meat such as chicken. It is popular in Sikkim, and one product is available, but it is tough to limit oneself to just one.


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