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A Newest Himalayan Creature Spotted in Assam

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-03 11:30:20

A Newest Himalayan Creature Spotted in Assam

A Himalayan mammal, somewhere between a goat and an antelope, has been confirmed because the newest creature to be spotted in Assam.


A couple of nature guides had spotted the Himalayan serow, a goat-antelope, within the 950-sq. km. Manas Tiger Reserve on December 3.


The animal — a high-altitude dweller usually found 2,000-4,000 metres above water level — was seen being chased by wild dogs.


Research from the Conservator:


“We have now confirmed the animal because the Himalayan serow, spotted on the brink of the border with Bhutan in Manas’s Bansbari-Mathanguri forest. The sighting augurs well for the health of the tiger reserve,” Anindya Swargowari, additional principal chief conservator of the forest for areas under the Bodoland Territorial Council.


He said the serow has been spotted for the primary time within the tiger reserve or anywhere else in Assam, but “this doesn't mean the animal never visited our forests before”.


According to Mr Swargowari, the sightings of rare animals and birds in Manas is an outcome of a higher access to remote parts of the protected area where extremists and hunters once ruled.


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“There are chances of more faunal species, found within the higher reaches, being spotted within the park.”


The Reserve is contiguous with the 1,057-sq. km. Royal Manas park in Bhutan.


After the serow, a medium-sized mammal with an outsized head, long and coarse hair and mule-like ears, the black-necked crane was sighted in Manas.


A pair of every of such cranes were sighted on January 10 and February 18. The Buddhists revere the bird that nests within the Tawang region.


Officials in Manas said the critically endangered white-bellied hero was also seen a couple of weeks ago within the Latajhar area of the park.


In February, birders had sighted the colourful Aix galericulata within the Maguri-Motapung wetland near eastern Assam’s Dibru-Saikhowa park. This duck was last spotted in Assam 118 years ago.


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