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AHSEC likely to hold re-examination for betterment and reappearence

  by NEWSNER , 2021-07-28 12:29:57

AHSEC likely to hold re-examination for betterment and reappearence


The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) is expected to organise a re-examination for students appearing for Class 12 Betterment and Reappearance by September 15 if the COVID-19 scenario permits.


AHSEC Chairman Rukma Gohain Baruah stated that the government has agreed to take suitable measures to improve the evaluation procedure for candidates appearing for Betterment and Reappearance examinations after students expressed their displeasure with the current approach.


He mentioned that he will be announcing their decision soon. He also mentioned that the Council is considering re-examination for pupils who are unhappy with their class 12 board results.


Candidates taking the Class 12 Betterment and Reappearance examinations for the 2018-19 school years staged a protest in front of the AHSEC headquarters, expressing their dissatisfaction with the evaluation process and submitting a memorandum claiming that the previously prescribed evaluation process amounted to "blatant injustice."


"Mark enhancement will be based on the marks and divisions gained in the most recent Higher Secondary (HS) final examination, with marks such as 10% for third division, 7% for the second division, and 5% for the first division," says the statement, according to the evaluation process for betterment and reappearance candidates announced earlier.


"Is that even possible? We would not have applied for advancement if we had been content. Furthermore, students in the third and second divisions receive higher percentages than students in the first division. Is that reasonable? This is an obvious injustice for deserving kids who have been unable to do well due to medical or other reasons," pupils claimed.


Furthermore, a student who previously received a Second Division may receive more marks than a student who received the First Division, because the percentage of marks granted is larger.


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