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Arunachal Biological Park Two Pairs of Spotted Dear and Sangai Deer

  by NEWSNER , 2020-12-11 08:45:53

Arunachal Biological Park Two Pairs of Spotted Dear and Sangai Deer

The park here got two sets of spotted deer and two sets of sangai deer from Assam State Zoological Garden on Wednesday under the animal exchange program, after getting authorization from the Central Zoo Authority of India. 


What is the Animal Exchange Program?
Through the cycle of a trade, the organization assists with discovering homes for surplus creatures reproduced in imprisonment in Zoos by finding reasonable customers/Zoos that may have a deficiency of the specific creature.


Animals Under Isolation in the Zoo 
Zoo veterinarian Dr. Sorang Tadap and caretaker Raya Flago, alongside the Itanagar zoo staff members, got the creatures and placed them into the recently developed nooks securely. The creatures will be isolated for a month. 


Sangai Deer, State Animal of Manipur
The sangai deer is an endemic and imperiled subspecies of the brow-antlered deer discovered uniquely in Manipur. It is likewise the state animal of Manipur. The regular English names for it are Manipur brow-antlered deer or Eld's deer or moving deer. 


The spotted deer, otherwise called chital deer and hub deer, is local to the Indian subcontinent. 


More Visitors Will be Drawn into the Zoo
"The expansion of these delightful creatures in our stock will draw in more guests after the kickoff of the zoo to general society," said Biological Park Director Joram Dopum. 


The transportation of these creatures had been deferred because of the Covid-19 lockdown. The Itanagar zoo will move a male hoolock gibbon to the Guwahati zoo for reproducing purposes since the Guwahati zoo is partaking in the 'zoo for hoolock gibbon protection rearing system'. 


Inside and out eight live creatures were moved from Guwahati to Itanagar, stacked in two trucks and a zoo rescue vehicle, under the direction of FVO Dr. Deepjyoti Deka alongside five animal keepers.


Interests to Draw More Creatures into the Zoo of Arunachal 
In the interim, the specialists of the Itanagar zoo educated that they are wanting to acquire more creatures in the future, for example, rhinoceros, dark puma, white tiger, peacock, and emu from different zoos under the program.