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Assam-Mizoram Border disputes to be finally solved amicably

  by NEWSNER , 2021-08-02 10:33:19

Assam-Mizoram Border disputes to be finally solved amicably


The ongoing border tensions between Assam and Mizoram appear to have come to a joyful end, as both state CMS have resolved to resolve the problem amicably through meaningful dialogue.


Mizoram's chief minister delivered the good news in a letter.


The chief ministers of Assam and Mizoram are now talking about working out an amicable solution to the border dispute, following social media verbal volleys. Assam would file a petition with the Supreme Court in the next 10-15 days, according to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.


Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga said on Sunday that he wants to resolve the border dispute with Assam amicably and called for a de-escalation of tensions, which had risen following a deadly clash between the two northeastern states on Monday that killed six Assam police officers and injured 41 others.


“I still hope for an amicable solution to the #AssamMizoramBorderTension from the Central Government,” Mizoram CM Zoramthanga tweeted.


“We agreed to handle the Mizoram-Assam border problem amicably via meaningful dialogue,” Zoramthanga tweeted after a telephonic meeting with the Union home minister and Assam chief minister.


“In the meantime, in order to avoid any further escalation of the issue, I urge Mizoram residents to refrain from posting sensitive remarks and to use their social media platforms wisely,” he added.


Provocation from both north-eastern states had heightened tensions in the otherwise tranquil region.


Mizoram stated that its police took action on Monday in retribution for Assam police officers forcibly invading their area and targeting police officers and citizens. The team was gone to address the border issue, according to Assam, when they were attacked without provocation.


Following the altercation on Monday, some Assam locals barricaded sections of National Highway 306 and uprooted a stretch of the lone railway track connecting Mizoram to the rest of the country, disrupting people and goods traffic to and from Mizoram and inflaming tensions further. Mizoram was also accused of not adhering to an agreement to withdraw its police force from the four-kilometre disputed stretch of NH-306 between Vairengte in Mizoram and Lailapur in Assam. Tensions remained high, with Assam issuing a travel warning to inhabitants of Mizoram and both sides uttering aggressive statements.


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