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Assam News : Hailstroms in Mangaldoi

  by NEWSNER , 2020-01-06 10:51:50

Assam News : Hailstroms in Mangaldoi

On Sunday night, Hailstorm lashed Mangaldai City in Darrang District and its neighboring areas, pushing the mercury down to a minimum.

This started at about 7-35 a.m. and lasted more than 30 minutes.

In the busy evening market, the hails that were small to medium in size struck vehicles and several people.

No evidence was issued, however, of any harm to life and property.

The power supply was scrapped immediately to prevent any eventuality that left the township in the dark.

The power supply was later restored.

Unprecedented shivering cold wave after the hail shower hit the normal life badly as people were forced to stay in their homes taking warmth from either fire or room heaters.

Meanwhile, the heavy shower with moderate hails has reportedly caused serious damage to the farm fields of winter crops and vegetables resulting in losses to the hardworking farmers.

Since the morning, an overcast condition continued followed by medium downpour adversely affecting the normal holiday schedule.