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BJP Assured that it will Implement CAA in the Next Term

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-22 12:53:05

BJP Assured that it will Implement CAA in the Next Term

Ahead of the Assam Assembly elections, state BJP chief Ranjeet Kumar Dass said that the party will soon implement Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


Speaking to ANI, Dass said: “Assam election campaign fully swings. But top BJP leaders are keeping a distance from the difficulty of CAA, as after its approval from Parliament, Assam witnessed tons of protests against the law.” The state BJP chief in Majuli said today: “We have passed the Bill within the Parliament and that we stand by it. Once the regulation for it's completed, and if we come to power in Assam, we'll implement CAA. there's no doubt of going back on the difficulty even during election time.”


Upon being questioned about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s promises that they're going to not allow CAA to be implemented in Assam, Ranjit Dass said: “I can bet that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know anything about CAA. Even our booth level workers know more about CAA than Gandhi.”


“There are going to be no impact (of CAA) on Assembly elections and therefore the people of Assam had earlier displayed it. When the citizenship issue was at its peak, we had participated in the panchayat polls, asking people to question us if any foreigner enters Assam. We bagged the very best number of seats therein the election. CAA issue had cropped up even during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but the BJP succeeded in increasing its tally from seven to nine seats,” he acknowledged.


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The BJP state chief claimed that the CAA isn't a problem within the upcoming Assembly elections within the state as people will vote logically, not emotionally. He said that they were convinced that not one foreigner can illegally settle in Assam as long because the BJP is in power within the state.


Targetting Rahul Gandhi’s five guarantees to the people of Assam he said, “Congress can make any promises because they're neither in power nor they're going to come to power in near future. We are in government and that we will again form the govt after these elections. we've made promises which will be fulfilled.”


Reacting to Gandhi for promising Rs 365 wage to tea plantation workers. He said it's impossible if you'll increase wages to Rs 365 all plantations within the state will close and workers are going to be jobless.


Assembly elections for 126 seats in Assam are going to be held in three phases ranging from March 27 and therefore the counting of votes will happen on May 2.


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