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Climate Change Campaign Organised at Majuli

  by NEWSNER , 2021-01-02 15:28:55

Climate Change Campaign Organised at Majuli

The North-East Affected Area Development Society( (NEADS) has coordinated a mission to battle environmental change and natural degradation at Nimati Ghat, the doorway to the world's biggest occupied river island, Majuli in Assam. 


An initiative by NEADS:


NEADS is an Assam based association working in the field of the fiasco the executives, child protection, nourishment, sexual orientation equity, and environmental change. 


Keeping by the mission's slogan, "Save River Save Lives", Mohan Saikia, Jolly Saikia, and their group from NEADS sharpened the local people of Nimati Ghat about the need to preserve the climate and save waterways. 


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Credit: NorthEast Now



NEADS individuals additionally circulated welcoming cards showing messages on environmental change among individuals visiting Nimati Ghat withdraws on New Year's Day on Friday. 


The young ladies' club of Phesual in Jorhat had arranged these welcome cards by reusing waste materials. 


Spreading Awareness:


The mission zeroed in on decreasing the utilization of plastics, which is one of the central points behind natural debasement. 


The individuals who had come to Nimati Ghat for picnics were mentioned not to toss plastic and other non-biodegradable materials into the Brahmaputra and its environmental factors.


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