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Critically Endangered Tortoise Recovered from a Smuggler in Manipur

  by NEWSNER , 2021-02-01 16:24:00

Critically Endangered Tortoise Recovered from a Smuggler in Manipur

A smuggler carrying rare, critically species of the tortoise was detained by the Assam Rifles in Manipur's Chandel.

The suspected wildlife smuggler was held with a critically species of tortoise which is usually found only in Indian Ocean island countries.

Assam Rifles took to Twitter to announce the arrest. The paramilitary which guards the Indo-Myanmar border said during a tweet on Sunday that they need to be recovered "rare species of radiated tortoise in Chandel District."

According to reports, an area carrying four plastic boxes on Kenb (a Chinese made two-wheeler popular within the Indo-Myanmar border areas) was stopped by a team of Assam Rifles at around 2 am on January 29.

The security personnel recovered four tortoises from the boxes. consistent with reports, three of the four tortoises included two

Radiated tortoises and one juvenile Aldabra tortoise. Radiated tortoise, found in dry spiny forests of southern and southwestern Madagascar are 'critically endangered' as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Aldabra tortoise said to be one among the most important land tortoises are found in Aldabra in Seychelles. A male Aldabra tortoise could weigh up to 250 kilograms. they're classified as 'vulnerable' on the IUCN list.

It is being suspected that the tortoises were brought in from South-East Asian countries like Thailand or Singapore. The detained smuggler is claimed to be an area carrier assigned with transporting the animals from the Indo-Myanmar border to the capital city of Imphal. The animals were handed over to the divisional forest officer.

Meanwhile, a performer was caught near Assam University, Silchar with five species of snakes of which three aren't native to the region of Barak Valley. The snakes were rescued by a search scholar of the university, Sumit Nath, who is additionally a well-known herpetologist within the region. Of the five species, the Short-nosed colubrid snake and Ornate Flying snake are found within the region. the opposite three- Brown colubrid snake , Red Sand Boa and Spectacled Cobra are being transported to the Assam State Zoo cum arboretum in Guwahati. The native species of snakes are likely to be released within the Borail range with the help of forest officials, consistent with Assam University professor Parthankar Choudhury.


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