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Firing in Bodoland Territorial Region

  by NEWSNER , 2021-01-06 10:58:10

Firing in Bodoland Territorial Region

Kumarikata Police faculty in Bodoland Territorial Region recuperated a 9 mm gun alongside 11 live ammo close to the Indo-Bhutan Border along the bank of the River Matanga on Monday night. It is thought that the gun was utilized in open shooting at the place of Krishna Das, a rancher from Mechguri Pukhuripar town in Baksa area. 


Weapon Discovered:


"The weapon was discovered covered along the bank of the River Matanga close to Mechguri under Tamulpur region in Baksa region. Eleven rounds of live ammo were likewise recuperated," Nilavjyoti Nath, accountable for Kumarikata Police Outpost.


As indicated by reports, the gun was found by the Kumarikata Police after they led a pursuit activity adjacent to the waterway dependent on mystery knowledge. Authorities have educated that investigations are as yet in progress. 


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The Incident:


As per Krishna Das, a farmer of Mechguri town, three veiled adolescents went to his home and thumped at the entryway the evening of December 21. "We were resting when they thumped at the entryway. I opened the entryway and saw three people with arms and they went into my home. They looked through the rooms of my home. One of my children figured out how to escape through a window and started yelling for help," Das expressed. "Hearing the uproar, the lowlifes started shooting with a gun and fled away from my home," Krishna Das added. 


Gun Recovered by Police:





Afterwards, police found a vacant cartridge of a 9 mm gun from the place of Krishna Das. Three people had been captured a couple of days back and one 7.65 gun has been recuperated so far according to the shooting episode.


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