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Forest Man of Assam to Get Help from Mexican Associations to Grow His Forest

  by NEWSNER , 2020-12-12 14:44:05

Forest Man of Assam to Get Help from Mexican Associations to Grow His Forest

From single-handedly nurturing a forest to earning the moniker of ‘forest man of India’, there are many feathers in Jadav Payeng’s cap. the newest may be a collaboration with the Mexican non-profit organisation, Fundación Azteca, with whom he's sharing his knowledge as an environmental activist and therefore the gumption needed to grow a forest.


What is Fundación Azteca?


Fundación Azteca America (FAzA) is a private non-benefit association that was made by Grupo Salinas to fill in as a vehicle to advance the prosperity of the networks where they work.


Forest in Majuli Island:


Payeng’s story of how he grew a forest, perturbed by the erosion he witnessed at a sandbar in his range in Assam’s Majuli island as a 16-year-old, is well documented. From one sapling to lakhs of trees, Payeng’s forest, sprawling over 550 hectares, is home to a spread of animals, and an idea to people across the planet.


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Payeng Received Padma Shri in 2014:

In 2014, he was awarded the Padma Shri, and earlier this March, the 128th Commonwealth Points of sunshine Award, an honour from the Queen of England. Last week, he signed a contract with Fundación Azteca, the social wing of Mexican organisation Grupo Salinas. The organisation, which has worked within the fields of environment and education for quite 20 years, wants to bring Payeng’s knowledge from Majuli to Mexico.


It is something the 65-year-old is quite happy to offer. “Not just Assam — but the planet is my home,” he said, after returning to Assam from Mexico on Thursday. “And I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge of nature with anyone willing to find out. Awards and recognitions will come and go. But I prefer nature, I prefer animals, I prefer trees. that's why I do what I do.”


Credit: The Indian Express


According to Nagaon-based naturalist Rituraj Phukan, who accompanied Payeng to Puebla for the La Ciudad de las Ideas festival where he was invited as a speaker last week, the collaboration takes Payeng’s knowledge to the worldwide stage. “It begins in January 2021 and can involve Payeng sharing his knowledge with different civil society organisations, including the youth in Mexico. He also will participate in several environmental programs and summits of the organisation,” he said. A tweet by the Embassy of Mexico in India said that the alliance with Fundación Azteca will cause new tree planting in Mexico.


Save the World, Save the Trees:

Payeng, who has travelled for several conferences within the world, including Paris and Taiwan, said, “Humans have cut enough trees, done enough damage to the planet. Now it's our responsibility to save lots of whatever is left. I would like to share my knowledge and guide the new generation on the proper path. it's they who can help create a replacement, green world.”


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