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Four Arrested in Manipur For Drug-Related Cases

  by NEWSNER , 2021-01-08 17:33:48

Four Arrested in Manipur For Drug-Related Cases

Manipur police made advances in two separate drug-related occurrences. 


On January 6, a group of CDO/Kakching captured two drug vendors from Chandel Lamkhai and held onto 259 grams of brown sugar from their ownership. 


Criminals Details:


The captured people to be specific Ng. Toroni and Shangshang Ngaruh alongside the held onto things were given over to Kakching Police Station for additional legitimate activity. 


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Credit: The North East Today


Another Incident:


In another episode, a police group from Lilong Police Station captured two drug peddler on Thursday. 


The police captured Md. Firoz Khan and Md. Bharot otherwise known as Alam Azad and held onto 15 cleanser holders loaded up with heroin and a Maruti vehicle. 


A case was recorded under ND&PS Act for additional examination.


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