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Home News Government Initiated Rs 1200 Crore Plan to Resettle Mizoram Tribal's in Tripura

Government Initiated Rs 1200 Crore Plan to Resettle Mizoram Tribal's in Tripura

  by NEWSNER , 2021-05-01 11:56:20

Government Initiated Rs 1200 Crore Plan to Resettle Mizoram Tribal's in Tripura

The Centre and therefore the Tripura government have undertaken a Rs 1,200 crore ambitious project to rehabilitate 36,140 tribal migrants who fled from Mizoram 24 years ago following ethnic strife within the adjoining state, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said.


Deb said that the Tripura government has selected 13 locations in several districts to rehabilitate the internally displaced Reang tribals, locally called “Bru”.


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have taken bold steps to resolve the 24-year-old ethnic crisis of the Reang tribals,” said the Chief Minister, who on Thursday visited the Dhalai district to supervise the arrangements for the resettlement. He said that the Prime Minister has already announced a Rs 600 crore package for the resettlement of those tribal migrants in Tripura.


According to the agreement signed in January last year by the Chief Secretaries of Mizoram, Tripura, Union Ministry of Home Affairs Joint Secretary Satyendra Garg, and therefore the representatives of the refugees within the presence of Home Minister Amit Shah, 36,140 tribals from around 5,400 families of the Reang tribal community would be resettled in several districts of Tripura. Since October 1997, the Reang tribals are sheltered in northern Tripura’s seven relief camps in Kanchanpur and Panisagar sub-divisions. The resettlement of the primary batch of around 890 Reang tribals had started on April 19, quite 15 months after a four-partite agreement was signed in Delhi.


Dhalai District Magistrate and Collector Govekar Mayur Ratilal said that the tribals would now temporarily stay within the newly built makeshift houses in Ambassa and Longtharai Valley sub-divisions before their permanent resettlement. “The concerned departments have arranged water, electricity, and other basic amenities for the tribals,” the DM told IANS over the phone.


The agreement came after the Tripura Chief Minister in November 2019 agreed to simply accept the 36,140 tribal refugees and rehabilitate them within the state. The Reang tribals would even be included as voters in Tripura as maintained within the agreement, which was signed on January 16 last year.


The Centre has announced a Rs 600 crore package for the settlement of the Reang tribals, recognized as a primitive tribe in Tripura. Of the package, Rs 150 lakh are going to be earmarked to the Tripura government for land acquisition and therefore the rest would be spent on the welfare of those tribals.