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Guidelines Revised for Home Quarantine COVID Patients in Assam

  by NEWSNER , 2021-04-30 09:28:37

Guidelines Revised for Home Quarantine COVID Patients in Assam

The Health Department has modified the rules for home isolation of COVID-19 patients. Such modifications are a requirement since the amount of home isolated COVID-19 patients is high within the second wave of the virus. consistent with the fresh modifications, only mild or asymptomatic patients are often recommended for home isolation, but not patients affected by immune-compromised status. The recommendations say that the necessity for a fresh COVID-19 test doesn't arise when the house isolation period is over.


According to sources within the State Health Department, fresh active positive cases within the State till Wednesday are 21,884. Around 15,000 of them are in home isolation. Patients eligible to be recommended for home isolation should be clinically assigned as mild or asymptomatic by the treating medic, and his or her residence should've all facilities for home isolation. aside from these two, a communication link between the caregiver and therefore the doctor may be a prerequisite. An oximeter for monitoring the oxygen level of the patient should be there.


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Remdesivir injection should not be applied to the patient in home isolation without consultation with the doctor responsible. Patients affected by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), transplant recipients, and people under cancer therapy aren't recommended for home isolation. However, under special circumstances, sometimes home isolation of such patients is suggested after proper evaluation by the treating medic, the new recommendations said.


Patients under home isolation stand discharged and end isolation after a minimum of ten days are passed from the date of onset of the symptoms and experiencing no fever for 3 consecutive days. Even after discharge from home isolation, the patients will need to follow the rules meant for discharged COVID-19 patients.


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