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Home News In Dibrugarh, Illegal Aadhar Card Racket Busted

In Dibrugarh, Illegal Aadhar Card Racket Busted

  by NEWSNER , 2021-04-12 11:44:39

In Dibrugarh, Illegal Aadhar Card Racket Busted

An illegal Aadhaar card centre was busted by the police in Assam's Dibrugarh on Sunday.


Three people - Dipen Doley, 29, Bitupan Deori, 27, and Aibi Deori, 30, are detained from the illegal centre within the city's Paltan Bazar area. The trio is from Lakhimpur, around 120 km from Dibrugarh.

The men want to charge Rs 300 each for creating Aadhaar cards, police said.


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Police have seized desktop computers, laptops, Aadhaar card forms and Rs 5,000 in cash from the lads. A Tata Nixon car has also been seized.


Police sources added that this might be a neighbourhood of a greater nexus and lots of illegal Aadhaar centres could also be operating within the state. The accused might be making tons of cash from this, police added. A bigger probe has been initiated within the matter.


"We are investigating the case and soon there'll be a crackdown against all illegal Aadhaar centres operating in Dibrugarh," Officer-in-charge of Dibrugarh police headquarters Rajiv Saikia said.


Three others were also picked up for questioning within the case, police said.


Comments"After getting specific information, we conducted an enquiry operation and located three people operating an illegal Aadhaar card centre in Paltan Bazar at the resident of 1 Atiquor Rahman. we've detained three people about the case and three more were picked up for investigation," Mr Saikia added.


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