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Home News In Tripura, a female singer molested

In Tripura, a female singer molested

In Tripura, a female singer molested

As per the 26-year-elderly person's grievance, she had gone to the town scarcely 5 km from Agartala, on Tuesday for Durga puja where she met a man she was familiar with. While she was getting back with him on his bike, he purportedly attacked her. After she began crying, some nearby individuals came there yet pestered her and shot the episode on their cell phones. 


A video of the episode later popular via online media where a man is seen forcing her from behind and contacting her improperly while others are seen mishandling her, taking photos, and shooting recordings of her alongside the man with whom she was returning. 


The artist stopped a grievance against Sanjib Barman, the man with whom she was returning on the cruiser on Wednesday. Based on her protest, the police captured him later at night from his home in Agartala. Around 12 PM three other people who had manhandled were likewise captured.

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