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In Tura, Meghalaya anti-narcotics campaign held

  by NEWSNER , 2020-11-26 08:52:41

In Tura, Meghalaya anti-narcotics campaign held

Focusing on the significance of avoiding narcotics, the Nasha-Mukt campaign took off in Tura on Wednesday with a holding unique program for grown-ups and children at the Balading area. 


Coordinated by the NGO, Adil Gandhian Society, and upheld by the West Garo Hills region organization and the state Social Welfare division, the members were furnished with visuals and information about illicit drug use and the approaches to keep away from the danger. 


A PowerPoint introduction featuring the different habits of compulsion, clinical strides to keep away from an addiction to drugs, and preventive estimates were given by Andrew Lakiang, a senior individual from Adil Gandhian Society, during the program. 


Raising worry about medication misuse, members were educated on the quick spreading of chronic drug use in Tura with the adolescents getting more defenseless. 


Steps to destroy this threat were likewise featured during the program. 


A drawing competition was additionally coordinated under the topic of illicit drug use during the program.