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Inclusion of Meghalaya Cricket in BCCI Pannel

  by NEWSNER , 2020-12-14 11:15:18

Inclusion of Meghalaya Cricket in BCCI Pannel

Meghalaya is equipping to take an interest in the Sayed Mushtaq Ali, Ranji Trophy and Vijay Harare competitions to be coordinated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) during 2020-21 and has begun preparing players to be chosen into the group. 


Sayed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: 

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is a Twenty20 cricket homegrown title in India, coordinated by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), among the teams from Ranji Trophy. The 2009-10 season was the debut season for this prize. It is named after a well known Indian cricketer, Syed Mushtaq Ali.


Ranji Trophy:

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket title played in India while between numerous teams of local and state cricket affiliations.


Vijay Hazare Competition:

The Vijay Hazare Trophy, otherwise called the Ranji One-Day Trophy, was begun in 2002–03 as a limited-overs cricket homegrown rivalry including state groups from the Ranji Trophy plates. It is named after the celebrated Indian cricketer Vijay Hazare. Tamil Nadu is the best team has won the prize multiple times.


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Credit: The Shillong Times


Trail matches coordinated by the Meghalaya Cricket Association (MCA) for determination of players for Senior group class have been proceeding since December 7 till 11 at the Allotgre Cricket Stadium in Tura. 


As per the heads of the MCA, players to speak to the state are being chosen from everywhere the state in Tura. 


Competition Among 39 Teams:

"A sum of 39 skilled teams from everywhere the state have taken an interest in the preliminary matches. We will choose the best players from the parcel and train them further. Really at that time will they be shipped off partake in the fundamental competitions," a head of the MCA said.


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