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Indrajatra festival celebrated with zeal & fervor in Sikkim

  by NEWSNER , 2019-09-16 05:07:01

Indrajatra festival celebrated with zeal & fervor in Sikkim

The festival of Indrajatra was marked across Sikkim with traditional zeal and fervor by the members of the Newar community on Friday.

Sikkim Newar Guthi and its various branches in four districts of the state marked the festival which honors Lord Indra, the King of Heaven in Hindu legends alongside Ganesha, Bhairab and living Goddess Kumari.

A “Hari Patah”(flag bearing the sign of God Vishnu) also used as Indra’s flag or Heaven’s banner is first erected than chariots bearing these deities are drawn throughout cities and towns where people worship, dance, sing and give various offerings to the divine.

This festival was first started by King Gunakamadeva in the 10th century to commemorate the founding of Kathmandu city and has since been continued by the Newar community in the Kathmandu valley and across the world.

In Sikkim, the SDF government led by Pawan Chamling declared the festival as a state holiday in 2010 and has since been marked in a grand manner in various parts of the state including in capital Gangtok.

Today, capital Gangtok witnessed the Jatra starting from Newar Bhawan, Sichey and commencing after a chariot rally throughout the surrounding areas.

Likewise, Dentam also saw enthusiastic Indrajatra celebrations with many SKM leaders including Jacob Khaling and Aditya Golay in attendance.

Governor Ganga Prasad, Chief Minister PS Golay, and SDF Supremo Pawan Chamling have all wished the people of Sikkim on an auspicious day.

Indrajatra is the biggest street festival in Kathmandu with a carnival-like atmosphere engulfing the entire valley. Newars throughout the world trace their origin in the Kathmandu valley hence the festival is celebrated across the world by the community to preserve the rich culture and tradition.