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Journalists are Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Meghalaya

  by NEWSNER , 2021-05-05 23:42:52

Journalists are Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Meghalaya

After recognizing the press fraternity as frontline workers in Meghalaya, a complete of 67 journalists were vaccinated against COVID-19 on Wednesday at the office of the Directorate of data and PR (DIPR) in Shillong.


The doctors started the vaccination process at 10 am and concluded at 5 pm.


Photo Credit: East Mojo


Meghalaya government recognized the press fraternity as frontline workers after acknowledging that they were out on the sector always to discharge their duties. Vaccination for journalists was also important since they were sure to visit hospitals and other vulnerable areas.


Shillong Times reporter Lam Nongspung felt the necessity to urge vaccinated for the security of his wife, children, and aged parents. “There is not any cure to the present virus, but a minimum of the vaccination can help reduce the severity of the virus,” he said.


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“We had been praying for this vaccine for the past one year. But now, when the vaccine is there, we are raising questions,” Nongspung added.


Nongspung was recently under quarantine after one among his colleagues tested positive for COVID-19. Following a negative Rapid Antigen Test report, he can begin to the sector and perform his duties.


West Lyngdoh, a reporter with Nongsain Hima, said the vaccination would add a layer of protection against COVID-19. “The vaccination would help in boosting our system, especially since we are at the frontline to bring news and reports to the people of our state,” said Lyngdoh.


He added that it had been wise of the government to declare journalists as frontline workers.


“Being recognized as frontline workers, which enabled us to urge the vaccine, maybe a morale-building,” mentioned Lyngdoh.


PTI reporter Banjo Mukhim said that within the interest of all concerned, the working journalists are working at the front meeting tons of individuals and covering stories from ground zero. Hence, it had been important to acknowledge them as frontline workers.


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