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Manipur and Nagaland Border Takes a New Turn

  by NEWSNER , 2021-02-18 17:35:31

Manipur and Nagaland Border Takes a New Turn

The boundary dispute between Khezhakeno of Nagaland and Tungjoy of Manipur reached the ground of Nagaland legislature with MLA Dr Chotisuh Sazo raising the difficulty on February 16.


Highlighting the difficulty during Zero hours, Dr Sazo said that he was informed by a politician that a mob from Tunjoy village of Manipur State, allegedly armed, came to Nagaland side and “started cutting trees and jungles in Chida area” on February 15.


When the District Administration sent EAC Khezhakeno and SDPO Pfutsero to go to the spot along-with a Dobashi (DB) attached to EAC Khezhakeno village after receiving information from police personnel at Chida post, they were overpowered by the mob, he informed.
Dr Sazo added that the DB of Khezhakeno on duty was abducted and brought to the Tunjoy Village, and allegedly “manhandled” by the villagers.


He also recalled that an identical incident had happened even two years back when Governor of Nagaland was close to visiting the Chida Lake Tourist spot. The said group of individuals from Tunjoy village came and destroyed the structures erected for the Governor’s visit, Dr Sazo maintained.


Accordingly, he asked the Minister In-charge or leader of the House to form a press release on the status/condition of the abducted DB also because of the situation within the disputed area.


Besides, he sought to understand the step taken by the government to “settle the boundary dispute (if any) between the 2 villages” and whether any financial assistance has been provided to the victim.


SP Phek to Probe the Incident:


In reply, Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton informed that the DB was handed over to SDPO Phek at around 11:30 PM on February 15, and he was later taken to Naga Hospital for a medical check-up.
Based on the report whereby he had suffered physical injury, an FIR is being recorded by Superintendent of Police, Phek, he added.


The SP Phek will make a search into the incident and supported his recommendations, PHQ will take appropriate steps, he added.

Patton also informed that earlier during that day, the Deputy Commissioner/SP Phek also tried to secure his release.


Later, the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police Nagaland also discussed the difficulty with their counterpart in Manipur and decided to form arrangements handy over the Dobashi to SP Phek, he added.


The Deputy CM also said that the present issue cropped up initially on Lincoln's Birthday morning when a gaggle of Khezhakeno villagers, numbering around 150-200, visited Kahujo forest area.


The officer-in-charge of Paomata police headquarters of Senapati District, Manipur arrived and reportedly tried to prevent the villagers from cutting firewood saying area is disputed, he said. The villagers, however, didn't recognise his authority, he added.


Thereafter, on February 15, at around 11:00 am, 500 Tungjoy villagers came to Takuo within the adjoining area and commenced cutting firewood, Patton narrated.


On receipt of the knowledge, SP Phek sent a team of 11th IRB personnel to the spot to restrain the villagers from cutting firewood but they didn't obey, he said.


The Dobashi on duty from Khezhakeno village also received the spot with shall ask the villagers but instead he was caught and manhandled before he was removed to Tungjoy village area, Patton stated.


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