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More Than 20 Persons Arrested in Arunachal for Burning Government Offices

  by NEWSNER , 2020-12-14 08:53:07

More Than 20 Persons Arrested in Arunachal for Burning Government Offices

At least 24 people from Hozulu and Dowdi villages were reportedly arrested on Sunday about the violence which happened in Vijaynagar in Changlang district on Friday.


Mob Turned Office into Ashes:

A mob had burned down the EAC office, the post office, and therefore the Special Bureau (RAW) office, and ransacked the Vijaynagar police headquarters on Friday. Official sources informed that four locally-made firearms were also seized when the arrests were made. The rounding from the alleged accused was led by IGP (Law & Order) Chukhu Apa and Changlang SP Mihin Gambo.


Apa, assisted by Gambo and extra SP Shivendu, raided Hozulu village and arrested 24 persons, and seized three muzzle-loading guns and one prohibited .22 air gun. Four women were also identified but they were abandoned after relevant information had been obtained from them. they're going to be produced at the Vijaynagar police headquarters by their guardians on Monday.


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Role of All Yobin Students’ Union:

The mob was allegedly led by the All Yobin Students’ Union. Members of the union alongside 400 youths et al. marched from Gandhigram village (20 km off Vijaynagar), which is taken into account the most center of the Yobin community. The agitated mob was demanding immediate debarment of ex-Assam Rifles settlers in Vijaynagar from participating within the panchayat election and shifting of the settlers out of Vijaynagar.


Sources informed that reinforcements are sent to Vijaynagar to take care of law and order which additional CRPF platoons are deployed in Vijaynagar. Two magistrates on special duty also are stationed at Vijaynagar to affect any situation.



Current Situation in the Region:

The sources said that things are tense but in check. Reportedly, five separate FIRs were registered against specific individuals, supported local information and video evidence, for indulging in arson and damaging public properties.


Strict Action by the Administration:

The Changlang district administration has said that strict actions are going to be taken against those that vandalized government properties and took the law into their own hands, which innocent people are going to be protected by the administration and therefore the police.


The administration also stated that those that instigated the local youths would be addressed as per the provisions of the law. Section 144 CrPC has been enforced within the Vijaynagar circle.


Changlang DC Dr. Devansh Yadav appealed to all or any citizens to respect the law. He further urged all community leaders to cooperate in resolving things peacefully, stating that folks got to be united against antisocial elements to take care of peace and communal harmony within the district.


Our correspondent adds: Several organizations, including the United Miao Mission (UMM) and therefore the Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung (MSRH), has condemned the violence perpetrated by the All Yobin Students’ Union.


Terming the violence undemocratic and uncalled for, the UMM and therefore the MSRH during a joint statement said, “There are many democratic ways to pressurize the govt, but taking the law into one’s own hand is very condemnable.”


Co-operation to Maintain Peace and Order:

The joint community; urged the Yobin and therefore the Gorkha communities of Vijaynagar to “cooperate with the district administration unconditionally by maintaining peace and tranquillity within the valley.”
It also urged the district administration to make sure that the lives of the common public aren't disturbed shortly.


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