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Nagaland, the Next IT Hub of Southeast Asia

  by NEWSNER , 2020-12-22 14:30:17

Nagaland, the Next IT Hub of Southeast Asia

Director-General of software system Technology Parks of the Republic of India (STPI) Omkar Rai on December 21 said the Indian IT business has been doing okay throughout the pandemic and therefore the sector can witness vital advancements within the future.


Virtual e-Naga Summit 2020:


While addressing the virtual ‘e-Naga Summit 2020’ organized by the data Technology and Communication department of the authorities, Rai said, “The IT business has done nicely in such tough times owing to its robust foundations and adaptableness to vary.”


Mentioning that the Republic of India has done nice in terms of IT Hubs, he said, “Nagaland’s aspiration to become the IT Hub of Southeast Asia is real and is coterminous with the ambition of the state and SPTI.”


The STPI Director General appreciated the state government’s initiative in allotting house to begin AN STPI Centre and a Network centrical Centre with a well-built setup.


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Focus on Nagaland:


Nagaland authority for IT, Communication, Science and Technology Mmhonlumo Kikon declared that the Nagaland government is extremely determined and committed to fulfilling the vision of constructing the state succeeding IT Hub of Southeast Asia.


The event organized just about saw consultants from Europe, Southeast Asia and therefore the country speaking on a variety of topics from software system Technology, e-governance, cybersecurity, practice among others.


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