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Home News Narcotics and Cattle Heads Seized in Tripura by BSF

Narcotics and Cattle Heads Seized in Tripura by BSF

Narcotics and Cattle Heads Seized in Tripura by BSF

The Border Guards in constant undertakings towards keeping up the holiness of the International line is additionally consistently directing 'Extraordinary Operations' to kill the threat of Narcotic sneaking, from the state and in the arrangement of such activities the previous evening, BSF troops prevailing with regards to giving a major shock to the drug peddler by holding onto 6,000 Yaba tablets, 112 Kgs Ganja,1,080 containers of Phensedyl, Eskuf syrup and 76 jugs of Liquor, other than safeguarding eight cattle heads, having a joined estimation of Rs.38 lakh. 


BSF sources said that on Saturday dependent on a particular knowledge input, BSF troops of Border Outpost Lankamura with the assistance of BSF Canine recuperated 6000 Yaba tablets worth Rs. 30 lakh and 310 Eskuf syrup esteemed at Rs. 39,525, which were surreptitiously covered up under bamboo shrubs in Lankamura town under West Agartala police headquarters. The held onto opiates are being given over to police experts for additional strategy. 


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Recovered Items:


Around the same time, a joint group of police and Forest Protection unit of Bishalgarh was done for the annihilation of Ganja estate in the overall territory of town Vainka, Duroton Choudhary para under Batabari town under Madhupur police headquarters of Sepahijala area. During the joint activity, the gathering annihilated approx 4,000 Ganja saplings and furthermore held onto dry Ganja of 14 Kgs worth Rs. 70,000 alongside Dust Ganja - 5 Kgs worth Rs. 15,000t. 


One Foreigner Caught:


Other than the above mentioned, watchful BSF troops likewise caught one Bangladeshi person specifically Juttan Telenga (19) of Shreemangal zone Molvibazar region in Bangladesh, when he was attempting to illicitly penetrate into the Indian region from the zone of Border Outpost Asharambari in arrangement to Border Pillar No.1938/M, during extremely early times of Sunday.


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