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Oxygen Generation Started by Two Hospitals in Assam

  by NEWSNER , 2021-01-05 11:09:38

Oxygen Generation Started by Two Hospitals in Assam

A since quite a while ago felt need of Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMC&H) has been met with the age of oxygen in its recently set up two huge oxygen plants in the AMC&H grounds. The initiation of oxygen plants at the appearance of the New Year in AMC&H has brought an ocean change towards the inventory of expected oxygen to the patients who go through treatment at Medicine ICU, COVID ICU, Central ICU. 


Revenue Saved:


"AMC&H currently onwards can save a lot of income as the authority needed to pay a generous sum against the acquisition of oxygen chambers from business sectors," said Principal of AMC&H, Dr Sanjib Kakoti and Superintendent Prasanta Dihingia. They added, "The oxygen produced in the new plants will remove the ongoing issues of oxygen supply in the AMCH." 



Credit: The Sentinel



Project Start Duration:


Communicating fulfilment over the working of both the plants in 2021, the authority expressed that the development of the plants was begun in October 2020 under the aegis of the Union Government and oversight of the State Government. The plants came into procedure on January 1 this year.


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