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Home News Petrol Price Hiking Over Rs 90 in Nagaland

Petrol Price Hiking Over Rs 90 in Nagaland

  by NEWSNER , 2021-02-15 11:06:49

Petrol Price Hiking Over Rs 90 in Nagaland

With fuel prices rallying northward on global cue, petrol price in Nagaland capital Kohima inched towards Rs 92 per litre on February 13.


On Saturday petrol was retailing at Rs 91.78 per litre in Kohima, while it had been Rs 82.39 for diesel.


Fuel prices are on an upward trend for five consecutive days in the week since February 9.


However, within the commercial capital Dimapur, prices were marginally lower with petrol at Rs 90.85 and diesel at Rs 81.66. it had been not immediately known whether the present price differences between Kohima and Dimapur are thanks to existing tax rates or supply constraint to Kohima as a result of the road blockade on National Highway-29.


According to the IANS press agency, the rise on Saturday has followed the firming global petroleum prices that have maintained a record streak of gains within the past few days reaching over $62 a barrel mark.


Across the country also, the rise in petrol prices ranged from 25-30 paise per litre and price 30-40 paise per litre for diesel, counting on the extent of local taxes on the 2 petroleum products, it said.


In Mumbai, petrol prices are just Rs 5 per litre in need of touching the three-digit mark of Rs 100 per litre for the very first time anywhere within the country while diesel prices within the city are closing on Rs 90 a litre, it added.


The petrol and diesel prices have increased 17 times in 2021 with the 2 auto fuels increasing by Rs 4.73 and Rs 4.87 per litre respectively, thus far this year.


Meanwhile, in neighbouring Assam, petrol and diesel fell drastically from February 13 following the removal of the extra COVID-19 cess of Rs 5 levied on both the fuels by the government last year.


With this petrol price fell from Rs 90.4 on Lincoln's Birthday to Rs 85.60 on February 13. Likewise, diesel price decreased to Rs 79.50 from Rs 84.27 during an equivalent period.


When the announcement, made during the second day of the three-day Assam’s Assembly session on Friday, was made public, many in Nagaland, particularly those from border areas like Dimapur, said they planned to travel to a neighbouring state to fill their tanks.


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