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Privatizing Government Services to Private Services by Tripura Government

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-10 09:48:44

Privatizing Government Services to Private Services by Tripura Government

In a major decision fraught with far-reaching consequences for the longer term of the state, the Tripura government has set about privatizing services of the govt by duly recruited employees and officers to outsources staff to be provided by private agencies who won the tender for this purpose. This comes at a time when the percentage in Tripura just like the remainder of the country is at an abnormally high rate. By taking this step the government may save funds but the recruited employees and officers are going to be during a serious state of deprivation as they're going to haven't any scope for a periodic rise in pay or allowances and also no scope for retiral benefits. What's astonishing is that posts, where incumbents are recruited through exams held by the Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC), are given over to non-public agencies for recruitment though no procedure has been prescribed except qualification bar.


According to a memorandum circulated by the director of the utility services and manpower planning, Naresh Babu N. on February 26 altogether five private agencies including one from Gurgaon, Delhi and an area co-operative are entrusted with the responsibility for supplying the manpower to varied departments of the government as per requisition. The memorandum has mentioned that the availability of 1 thousand manpower is going to be given to the prime empanelled agency, namely, Visual Securus and Infotech Limited, Ujan Abhaynagarae. The four other empanelled agencies are going to be given charge of supplying the remaining manpower as per requisition. consistent with the memorandum the outsourced staff include Support Staff-1, Support Staff-II, General Office Staff-from 1 to III, Technical office 1 and II. The fixed salary will vary between Rs 7280 (first two categories), Rs 8983 ( third, fourth, fifth and sixth categories) and Rs 17,068 (Technical Office Staff-II).


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