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Home News Rajnath Singh: Northeast was Neglected Before BJP Came to Power

Rajnath Singh: Northeast was Neglected Before BJP Came to Power

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-15 08:24:10

Rajnath Singh: Northeast was Neglected Before BJP Came to Power

Attacking the Congress within the poll-bound Assam, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said the northeast region of the country was neglected by the previous governments at the Centre before the BJP-led government came to power.


"Northeast was neglected by Centre before BJP came to power... Nobody would talk nicely to ministers from here in Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured that a central leader visits northeast monthly to interact with people so that they do not feel ignored, " he said while addressing a public rally in Gohpur.


The Minister also highlighted the contribution of individuals from northeast India to the state with samples of warrier Lachit Borphukan, musician Bhupen Hazarika and insurgent Kanaklata.


"Assam has born to warriors like Lachit Borphukan who killed his uncle for the country. "Nation first," he had said. His valour is widely known across India. At National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune, the simplest cadet is awarded 'Lachit Borphukan' trophy," said.


"Our government gave Bharat Ratna to music legend Bhupen Hazarika while the previous governments neglected him. This shows our commitment and emotions towards people from NorthEast and Assam," he added.


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Talking about insurgent Kanaklata, who sacrificed her life fighting for the Independence of the country, Singh said India features a Coast warship in her name. "We cannot ignore the good contributions of Srimanta Sankardeva within the formation of the Assamese society," he said.


He urged the people to vote for BJP and said the pace of development is going to be increased if the BJP returns to power within the state.


Earlier yesterday, the Defence Minister had also held a rally in Golaghat and Biswanath districts to campaign for elections of the 15th legislature of Assam.


Assembly elections in Assam for 126 seats are going to be held in three phases ranging from March 27. a complete of two,32,44,454 electors will cast their votes within the 15th legislature.


The first phase of notification is Texas Independence Day where 47 seats in 12 districts will attend the polls. within the second phase, 39 constituencies in 13 districts will attend the polls on April 1 and within the third phase, 41 constituencies across 12 districts will attend polls on April 6.


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