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Restorative Yoga: Yoga for Spiritual Tranquility

  by NEWSNER , 2021-08-10 13:02:44

Restorative Yoga: Yoga for Spiritual Tranquility


Life now is so fast-paced that we seldom even get time to slow down and take a deep, long breath. I've personally seen around that juggling and finding the right balance between work and self-care as much as is necessary has been shunned out by many. People today are living the life of a machine that hardly ever halts.


Topping it all, the negativity that we encounter on a daily basis, the desire to achieve flawlessness, to emulate the ever-so flamboyant-flashy lifestyle; all contributes to a persistent sense of self-doubt, sadness, and despair, among other things.


Achieving spiritual tranquillity is something that does not happen out of the blue, and that is something I've realised over the period. It takes time, effort and persistence to make it happen. For the lifestyle that we live in these days, it is so important to take out some time, just for our own selves and do something for our spiritual peace.


The practice of restorative Yoga has strengthened and time and again shown tremendous results in promoting spiritual tranquillity and help one to rise above the line of self-doubt and embrace their true selves. Restorative Yoga is an unconventional form of Yoga that is practically performed with the help of props or any kind of support, and each of its postures may be for a duration longer than 5 minutes. This kind of yoga is done slowly, with an emphasis on extended holds, serenity, and deep breathing. In comparison to traditional Yoga, it has a stronger tendency to be a therapeutic kind of meditation.


Some of the most well-known positions associated with the restorative style of Yoga include the fish pose, child's pose, corpse pose, and legs-up-the-wall pose.


The principal focus of restorative Yoga is allowing you to feel at ease and supported while focusing on your breath. Restorative yoga allows you to release muscle tension for longer lengths of time without causing discomfort once you've reached a level of total relaxation.


Let us start at this moment and take action towards achieving our spiritual tranquillity, as this is the only way to be at peace and remain optimistic, especially when the world around us is filled with hostility.


Our peace is our responsibility.


- Diksha De, Newsner.

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