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Scam in Nursing officers' exam

  by NEWSNER , 2020-08-25 11:47:02

Scam in Nursing officers' exam

The Special Investigation Cell (SIC) has captured two people regarding the supposed malpractices in the test for legally binding nursing officials in Lohit HQ Tezu. The arrestees have been recognized as Banto Pertin and DRCHO Siang Tamut. The SIC had enrolled a suo moto case [u/s 120 B IPC and 7, 8, 13 (2) Prevention of Corruption Act] on 17 August, after the endorsement of the state government.

In a public statement given on Monday evening, SIC SP M Harsha Vardhan educated that Pertin was captured on 20 August.

"It has been uncovered that he took cash from two applicants. One of the competitors, Miss New Perme, qualified in the test and the cash trail of Rs 1.5 lakh was followed to a record in SBI, Tezu. The record has been seized," educated Vardhan.

"The other up-and-comer, Ms Joyonti Darin, didn't qualify in the test and a measure of Rs 2 lakhs taken from her was returned, according to the examination up until this point," the SP included. He educated that the DRCHO, who was captured on 19 August, got abandon Monday.

"He has additionally been interrogated in custody, and applicable records have been seized from the DMO office," the SP educated. "Interrogation is proceeding in the issue."