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Sikkim and It's Delicious Foods

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-23 12:45:30

Sikkim and It's Delicious Foods

  • Chaang and Thukpa: As Sikkim experience bone-chilling winters, the locals keep themselves warm by drinking Chaang, alcohol made by fermenting cereals. it's originally a Tibetan drink embraced by the Sikkimese. Chaang is sipped through a bamboo vessel employing a bamboo straw. On the opposite hand, Gya thuk or Thukpa may be a popular noodle-based soup made with vegetables or meat. Take Thukpa as your start line in Sikkim’s culinary journey.


  • Chhurpi: Chhurpi maybe a fermented pot cheese made up of either Yak milk or goat/cow milk. While the previous version is harder and darker, the opposite kind may be a bit tangy to taste. Chhurpi may be a traditional soup of Sikkim and is widely served on many occasions. It is often enjoyed as a snack and its powder is additionally added as a seasoning in soups. The locals also prepare chhurpi ka achar–a delicious pickle. beat all, Chhurpi is best enjoyed as a warming beverage during Sikkim’s harsh winters.


Chhurpi | Local Cheese From Nepal


  • Momos: Momos are an important part of every home and kitchen in Sikkim. they're steamed dumplings with a filling. The fillings are often cabbage, mushroom or meat. they're native to Tibet and Nepal, but even the local Sikkimese have found ever-dying for this cuisine.


  • Sael Roti: Resembling a pretzel, Sael Roti is bread made on festive occasions in Nepal. However, it's also made its way into the local Sikkimese food culture. it's made by deep-frying fermented rice batter. They are often enjoyed with tea, Aloo Chura and Phaley available locally.