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State's First Health Policy Approved by Meghalaya

  by NEWSNER , 2021-03-06 16:29:25

State's First Health Policy Approved by Meghalaya

The Meghalaya government has approved the state’s first Health Policy.


The policy called MOTHER (Measurable Outcomes Transforming Health sector through a holistic approach with attention on women’s Empowerment) was approved during a Cabinet meeting on Friday, said a press release.


Health may be a state subject, the State didn't have a health policy of its own but with the approval of this policy, the State will now have its health policy in situ.


Meghalaya is that the Delaware to possess materialised a State Health Policy during the COVID-19 pandemic period.


The State Health Policy aligns with the draft National Health Bill, 2009, National Health Policy 2017 (NHP, 2017) and therefore the National Public Health Act, 2018 (draft) while including provisions that are tailored to the State’s unique context.


The policy is bringing out a three-dimensional positive healthcare model that specializes in Preventive, Curative and Enabling aspects.


The policy envisions a rights-based framework in providing a health look after citizens, especially for the poor and marginalized.


It also lays special emphasis on last-mile delivery through a Decentralized Catalytic Leadership Model by actively involving all the stakeholders representing concerned Departments at PHC/CHC level.


The policy also focuses on the utilization of AI and Technology for providing healthcare with greater precision.


The policy also focuses on the importance of infancy through a fanatical infancy Development Mission which can address the problems of malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, stunting and cognitive development of youngsters to nurture and develop productive future generations.


The policy will specialise in having a fanatical human resource policy for health, add a decentralized manner while also ensuring women leadership and participation at the community level.


It will facilitate and encourage community participation, address the demand and provide sides of healthcare and make a conscious effort to shift from curative to preventive and first healthcare.


Data reveals that Meghalaya’s anticipation (62.3 years) is less than the National Average of 68.8 years.


The policy articulates clear goals for improving all health indicators within the next 5-10 years.


This includes increasing the anticipation to over 70 years and to scale back the Maternal death rate (MMR) and infant deathrate Rate (MMR) while also reducing premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.


The State will found out a State Public Health Authority (SPHA) to oversee the implementation of this policy.