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The Disappointments for Christians in Manipur

  by NEWSNER , 2021-02-12 16:36:40

The Disappointments for Christians in Manipur

The Christian community in Manipur under the aegis of All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO) on Thursday expressed disappointment over orders to evict churches despite repeated appeals to the government to revoke the order.


Speaking to media persons during a news conference, jointly organised by the AMCO and every one Tribal Students' Union Manipur (ATSUM), AMCO president S Prim Vaiphei said there are around 45 churches in and around Imphal. Of those, 14 are within the Lamphel area, another 14 within the Langol Housing Complex, six in Game Village, and eight within the Tribal Colony. One church is being constructed in Leimakhong area, consistent with the info provided by AMCO.


"Some Churches are constructed on private land, while other churches have existed for nearly half a century. Some are around 15 years old," said Vaiphei.


Vaiphei added that Christian worship involves the general public. "During worship time, we give moral teaching to our people and ask people to be loyal to God and also to the govt. We pray for the authority and society," he said.


"Our Church isn't confined to only one community but different communities close and worship. And our main target is peace and harmony within the society," said Vaiphei.


However, the leader of the Christian community alleged that the authorities have often targeted the Christian churches. "For this reason, we frequently approach the concerned authorities to legalise the churches and permit us to worship," he said.