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The Right to Vote Celebrations in Nagaland

The Right to Vote Celebrations in Nagaland

Chief Electoral Officer Nagaland Abhijit Sinha on Sunday spoke to all worried to rededicate towards seeking after the target of more noteworthy cooperation in the electoral cycle for a much more grounded majority rule government. 


National Voters' Day:


January 25 is seen as National Voters' Day to stamp the establishment of the Election Commission of India on January 25, 1950. 


On the event, the CEO said that the eleventh National Voters' Day is being commended in Nagaland additionally alongside the remainder of the country in the State capital Kohima, all the area HQs, Sub-Divisions and all the surveying stations. 


"The National Voters' Day commends the option to cast a ballot and the energetic and lovely majority rules system of our own," the CEO expressed in his message. 


The Election Department all through the State is sorting out projects for a festivity of the Day which likewise incorporates the help of recently enlisted citizens and perceiving authorities who have delivered model assistance during a political race or the board of discretionary move, he educated. 


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Eleventh Edition:


The subject of the eleventh National Voters' Day is 'Making our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe and Informed'. Sinha educated that the constitution regarding India ensures the option to every one of its residents who are 18 years or more to be enrolled in the electoral roll and present them the option to cast a ballot. 


CEO Addressed the Public:


He spoke to all the qualified residents to practice their privilege unafraid, terrorizing and actuation. The CEO additionally mentioned to residents be consistently cautious against any sort of constituent acts of neglect, be completely educated about the electoral cycles to have the option to settle on educated choices during the decisions and to additionally follow all the current wellbeing security conventions to guarantee safe elections.


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