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Women Commission in Meghalaya Without a Chairperson

  by NEWSNER , 2021-02-24 14:47:12

Women Commission in Meghalaya Without a Chairperson

The Meghalaya State Commission for Women has been without a chairperson, social welfare minister Kyrmen Shylla educated on Tuesday. 


He added that the board of trustees would meet soon to choose the arrangement of the MSCW chairperson and individuals. 


Shylla said that the board would inspect the names submitted from different regions once the Chief Minister is accessible. 


At the point when gotten some information about the postponement since the past chairperson's tenure finished in October a year ago, Shylla said a few areas couldn't submit names as expected. 


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Convincing CM:


Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) had as of late encouraged Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to set up a board of trustees to encourage the development of the new women commission after the expiry of the past administrator's residency. 


Words from a TUR Member:


"We ask you to focus on the arrangement of a pursuit and determination board that will encourage the arrangement of the new Commission that will remain with the ladies of the state in their battle to understand all their sacred rights and have the option to take part completely in the popularity based and formative existence of the state," said TUR member Angela Rangad. 


Calling it appalling, Rangad said, "This has enormously influenced women who have been looking for redressal on issues of brutality, deserting, upkeep and so on and forswearing of established rights and for whom the Commission ought to have been promptly open". 


Meghalaya "gloats of a matrilineal arrangement however incidentally has probably the most noteworthy pace of aggressive behaviour at home in the locale, high maternal death rate just as cases of youngster pregnancies," Rangad added.


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